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Vitamin Research/Complementary Prescriptions

Vitamin Research Products

The Revolution began quietly

Twenty-eight years ago, the first shots were fired in the war against aging. Almost overnight, Americans began to use terms like anti-aging and life extension. For the growing number of life extension enthusiasts worldwide, there was no single source for high potency, pharmaceutical-grade nutritional formulas. So in 1979, a small group of dedicated scientists and research chemists decided to create their own company to develop their own special formulas. Vitamin Research Products was born.

Our foundation is laid upon solid, scientific scrutiny. Talented research teams first spend countless hours, poring through hundreds of journals and research abstracts to identify nutrients vital for optimal health. This is followed by the meticulous selection and careful teaming of the highest quality herbal extracts and pharmaceutical-grade nutrient powders, the same superior grade used today in cutting edge biomedical research.

This commitment to making the world's finest nutritional formulas is further underscored by the choice to provide most formulas in capsules, not tablets - a move that guarantees maximum nutrient content, absorption and potency.

Bayho, Inc.

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