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Theramedix Products

In 2005, Theramedix was officially launched and represented by Enzyme Consultants in specific markets all in the US. We are honored and determined to provide complementary and alternative practitioners with a proven, pure, and highly active line of enzymes.

Theramedix is a company dedicated to providing health care practitioners with a premiere line of plant derived pharmaceutical grade enzymes. We are determined to provide the highest activity enzymes with the highest integrity available to health professionals and their customers. Theramedix is a company that believes knowledge is power. It is our determination to provide well-researched and well-documented information to help educate as many people as possible in the benefits of enzymes for maintaining and promoting optimal health.

The role of Theramedix is to provide health professionals and their clients the most effective enzyme products available. In addition, we encourage an open dialogue between our practitioners and our consultants. Proper communication as it affects your practice is highly valued - in order to improve upon formulations and address specific needs in the market. We utilize the expertise of doctors, researchers and clinicians in formulating each of our products. Therefore, clear communication, honest feedback, research, and a host of educational and marketing tools are offered by our company to support the growth and development of your practice or clinic. We are here to serve you and your practical needs.

It would be an understatement to say that 'no two enzyme formulations are created equally'. At Theramedix, we believe strongly in passion and determination. Although, we still need to grow and develop as a professional line, we are 100% committed to expanding any research of plant based enzymes to help define efficacy and application. This is a monumentous task, but we wouldn't dream of neglecting our passion for truth and commitment to learn more. We would like to extend our curiosity to our customers who share our enthusiasm through participation in clinical trials and other related research objectives. It's something we envision to be our priority for many years.

Thank you for being part of our company and allowing us to share with you our passion and intense desire to help each and every person optimize their Enzyme Potential. Stay tuned, as we move forward and create a better balance in each individual's life, and in the growth and stability of your practice.

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