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Rx Vitamins

Rx Vitamins Products

Setting New Standards

From the beginning, Rx Vitamins’ mission has been to create leading-edge, condition-specific nutraceutical blends for health care professionals that are influenced by peer-reviewed clinical research and the requests, feedback and experience of practicing clinicians. Our view has always been that it is the health care professional who, in all cases, is uniquely qualified to direct the course of treatment necessary for optimum patient care.

At Rx Vitamins, our passion is to create interesting and useful formulas for the physician’s dispensary. Our idea has always been to provide formulas that fill critical niches in the dispensary; not to present yet another “copycat” supplement. These professional formulas thus increase the physician’s arsenal of viable treatment options and contribute to a longer, healthier and higher quality of life for the patient.

The Rx Vitamins line stands apart in 3 distinct categories:

Lab Testing

The FDA does not require lab testing of nutritional supplements. Rx Vitamins, however, is not comfortable producing products without this important assurance. All raw materials are assayed and tested prior to manufacturing. All finished formulas are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis which provides the objective proof of potency, purity and quality.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

All Rx Vitamins formulas are manufactured employing USP guidelines, current GMP’s and other drug industry standards. These GMP’s include strict, standard operating procedures for every step of the manufacturing process including raw material handling and inspection, material storage, facility cleanliness, blending, encapsulation and quality control procedures. Since 1999, our manufacturing facility has been in accordance with the strict standards set by Health Canada, one of the most demanding governmental health organizations in the world.

Raw Materials Choice

Only truly pure raw materials are used in the manufacturing of all Rx Vitamins formulas. A formula is only as effective and strong as the foundation nutrients used in it’s production. All raw materials are subject to rigorous inspection and assay in order to assure the quality, integrity and efficacy of each formula.

Technical Support

Rx Vitamins features the finest and most complete technical reports in the industry. Each Rx Vitamins formula is backed by an extensive technical report that outlines the ingredients, ingredient rationale, clinical applications, directions for use and scientific references. These reports provide a useful clinical tool for teaching and detailing clinical staff about the various applications of these versatile formulas.

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