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Proper Nutrition

Proper Nutrition Products

Headquartered in Reading, Pa., and founded in 1994 by Dr. Donald Snyder, Proper Nutrition, Inc. is dedicated to providing the safest, most natural ways to healthy, happy, active lifestyles. We support our commitment to naturally derived solutions to wellness issues with extensive research, expert testing, and the highest quality production standards. As a result, Proper Nutrition, Inc. products are among the most effective, safe, and side-effect-free ways to regaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Proper Nutrition, Inc. currently offers the revolutionary dietary supplement Intestive® — a proven alternative for support of the intestinal tract and the promotion of gastrointestinal health.

Proper Nutrition products are the results of years of research and development of the unique FPC (Fish Protein Concentrate) technology perfected by a team of scientific experts under the direction of Dr. Donald Snyder. Original Seacure® and SeaVive® are available to healthcare professionals.

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