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Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace Products

With the deluge of natural health companies and products in the nutritional supplement industry today, we at Prince of Peace Enterprises®, understand the importance for our customers to know our vision behind the selection of our health related products.

Our health items and herbal supplements that are selected on the basis of their health-promoting capabilities. Many of our ingestible products are regarded as tonic herbal formulas.

Prince of Peace®'s product line offers a spectrum of supplements for those concerned with maintaining optimal health. From the highly sought after ginseng root, (aka "The King of Herbs"), to tonics with royal jelly and/or bee pollen, we search for "excellence" around the world and are proud to bring them to you.

Our philosophy combines excellence in quality products and professional service. We provide a friendly bridge between manufacturers and consumers. We are well rounded, with divisions specializing in the Mainstream Mass, Natural Health, Ethnic Asian Marketplace and Overseas Export markets. With over 3,000 wholesale accounts, and gross yearly sales of over 20 million dollars, we are one of the leading edge companies in this niche market today.

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