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Pioneer Products

Clinician-formulated... since 1984

Pioneer Nutritional Formulas is nationally recognized for science-based nutritional supplements of impeccable integrity. Therapeutic excellence and uncompromising attention to detail guide the creation of all Pioneer® products. Our professional quality supplements are formulated by a team of holistic healthcare practitioners in the tradition of founder Jim Lemkin, ND, CNS.

In matters of health, knowledge is power. The Pioneer® brand is a noted leader in full-disclosure labeling and detailed product information. Our Pioneer Health Education Library serves to empower patients and customers with professionally written, peer-reviewed brochures, fact sheets and support literature. Together, these materials set a high standard for meaningful, informative, accurate health education within the supplement industry.

Pioneer® has been a trusted brand sold to doctors, patients, and discerning consumers for more than twenty years. We are committed to social responsibility in all we do. Please contact us to learn more. We welcome your inquiries!

Our line includes broad-spectrum vitamin/mineral supplements, superior calcium/magnesium products, and many other specialized formulas targeting specific health concerns. For informed consumers, our reputation for quality without compromise and honest labeling practices has earned PIONEER a name synonymous with integrity.

Located in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, we occupy a spacious, sun-lit, post and beam building and employ a caring, supportive staff. Our highly trained customer service and sales representatives give heartfelt attention to the tasks of replying to customer queries and taking direct orders by phone, fax and email. Our qualified team of technical and administrative assistants ensures the management and smooth running of the company.

Growth has brought many changes to PIONEER, but it has not changed our deep commitment to health, a commitment that we warmly share with you.

How We Craft Our Formulas

Our very first product was based on therapeutic needs observed daily in private practice.Today, each PIONEER formula is still conceived and designed in much the same way. As health professionals, we often consult with our colleagues worldwide -- allopathic and naturopathic physicians, clinical nutritionists, chiropractors, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and herbalists. As experts with clinical experience, we always rely on verified scientific findings, not popular trends, to select the safest and most effective sources, potencies and ratios of ingredients.

Each person's ability to metabolize certain nutrients is different, so we often use two or more forms of the same nutrient to maximize absorption. Our higher levels of superior quality ingredients, combined with a Flexible Daily Serving system, allowsour formulas to be used together safely, without risk of getting too much of any one nutrient.

All PIONEER formulas are free from synthetic preservatives, flavors and colors. Whenever possible, common allergens are avoided.

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