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Pharmax Products

Until 2009, when Pharmax was acquired by Seroyal Inc, Pharmax LLC was a privately owned company. It was established in the USA in 1998 and had a corporate and strategic alliance with the UK based company, Cultech Ltd. Dr Nigel Plummer was the Pharmax President and CEO.

Cultech Ltd, owned by Dr Plummer, is the prime nutritional supplement development and manufacturing company in the UK. It is the market-leading provider of research driven nutriceuticals to healthcare professionals, both within the UK and throughout Europe as a whole.

The merger between Seroyal and Pharmax, mid-2009, has brought together three strong and functionally distinct brands under the Seroyal Inc umbrella: Pharmax, Genestra and Unda. Now, just as before the merger, the Pharmax brand is developed by Dr Nigel Plummer and manufactured by his company, Cultech Ltd. Many of the Genestra brand products are also developed and manufactured by Cultech.

We are totally committed to ensuring that the Pharmax innovative brand of nutritional supplements are manufactured to the highest quality and that they contribute to the bridging gap between healthcare professionals and the scientific community. Through Seroyal, we offer professional advice and technical support to our customers, and frequently present educational seminars to promote a greater understanding of the basis of scientifically sound nutritional therapy.

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