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Pharmalogic Corp

Pharmalogic Corp Products

Pharma•Logic is a consulting service to the pharmaceutical, biotechnical and medical device communities. From our base in Northern California, we provide a number of services to our worldwide client base. These include review of preclinical data, strategic planning for clinical development, preparation of the IND, and development of protocols. We assist clients in the writing of final medical reports, NDA summaries, and manuscripts.

In the area of scientific promotion, Pharma•Logic can prepare slides, coordinate round-table discussions, and lead market research focus groups. Pharma•Logic can search and retrieve world-wide patents, business and financial information and the medical literature. We also prepare business plans for the biomedical community.

We have special expertise in ophthalmology, having worked on numerous pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases.

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