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Perque Products

PERQUE LLC was founded in 1987 by Dr. Russell Jaffe, a physician trained in internal medicine, clinical pathology, immunology, and biochemistry. Using the latest scientific and medical knowledge available, Dr. Jaffe has developed a new generation of nutritional supplements, which are sold through doctors and healthcare professionals, called PERQUE. Dr. Jaffe's goal is to develop the most advanced formulas possible in order to provide superior results in restoring, maintaining and enhancing health.

Based on the PERQUE Well Guard™ philosophy, our PERQUE promise is that only the most active, specific forms of nutrients shown beneficial in clinical studies are selected for use. All ingredients are listed on our "full disclosure" labels and are 100% bioavailable. PERQUE unique formulations use only pure ingredients -- nothing wasted, such as non-absorbable nutrients; nothing to interfere with the full uptake nutrients into your cells, such as toxins from the production process, allergens from the extraction process, or preservatives.

We have not found any other formulas on the market that can match the results PERQUE delivers. We know that people using PERQUE report faster and more predictable results that favorably impact the quality of their life. This is why leading doctors and healthcare professionals select and use PERQUE.

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