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Peelu (Gum)


Travelers to the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent often remark on the many bright, white smiles to be seen. Yet, consumption of tobacco products and sweet junk foods is just about as widespread there as here, and few natives enjoy sophisticated dental care. Their secret is Peelu, the so-called toothbrush stick from the Arak tree (Salvadora persica). References to Peelu date back 1,100 years, to the legendary Muwashsha Arabian medical text. Today, millions of Middle Easterners and South Asians brush their teeth with the frayed end of a Peelu stick, and enjoy excellent dental health—despite a taste for sweet foods and a relative lack of dental care.

What is so special about Peelu? First, it is packed with soft fibers that clean teeth as effectively but more gently than the abrasives in regular toothpastes, which consist of fine, but hard particles of various minerals. Second, Peelu contains natural chlorine compounds that may whiten teeth. These benefits may be caused by the synergistic action of Peelu's main constituents, which include large amounts of chlorine, an alkaloid-rich resin, vitamin C, and a variety of antimicrobial sulfur compounds. These, as well as tiny micro-fibers, are extracted from Peelu sticks and put into Peelu squares, along with sorbitol and maltitol (non-caloric, non-toxic sweet alcohols that do not feed cavity-causing bacteria).

In contrast, many other gums contain a chemist's brew of synthetic and artificial ingredients. Some contain hydrogenated glucose (sugar) syrup, artificial flavors, the suspected carcinogen BHT, and aspartame—the problematic synthetic sweetener that is dangerous to phenylketonurics and has produced more complaints to the FDA than any additive in history.

We are very excited for this opportunity to introduce you to our extensive line of oral and beauty care products. Peelu USA is also pleased to offer healthy, natural ingredients in our products. Plus, they’re sugar free and non-abrasive. Peelu USA does not participate in animal testing nor do we use animal products or by-products in our items.

Peelu USA is a national brand company that has been in operation for more than 20 years. Recently, we have seen tremendous growth due to the high consumer demand for natural products. In general, the health food industry has seen an explosion in the popularity of natural products among a variety of consumer groups.

At Peelu USA we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products at competitive prices. Our goal is to provide products that can benefit people of all ages. We are certain that consumers will realize the rewards of Peelu after only a few trial uses. The testimonials we have received from first time users, including their dentists and periodontists, are extraordinary.

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