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Organic Essentials

Organic Essentials Products

"We believe that our customers deserve the purest products o≠n their skin! That is why purity begins in our fields! Love for the land runs deep for our farmers. Growing our cotton in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner is not o≠nly a part of our heritage; it is a legacy for our children." - La Rhea Pepper, Founder/Farmer

In 1991 when La Rhea and Terry Pepper became certified producers, people were already asking for organic cotton but they didnít want to buy a 500 pound bale! By the fall of 1993, the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative was formed to create a stable and consistent supply of certified cotton fiber. These conscientious stewards of the land chose to accomplish this by using o≠nly sustainable farming practices. Their vision included a strong commitment to the earth that included replenishing the soil, protecting the purity of air, water and food supplies and preserving precious resources.

In response to consumer demand, La Rhea co-founded Organic Essentials in 1995 to provide organic tampons, cotton balls, swabs and other personal care products. In 2004, Organic Essentials formed a strategic partnership with Seventh Generation to achieve wider distribution of the feminine hygiene products. TOCMC continues to supply the organic cotton for both Seventh Generationís program and Organic Essentials high quality personal care products.

Organic Essentials has been and continues to be a leader in the organic fiber community setting standards and initiating consumer education and awareness programs. TOCMC currently produces over 80% of all the organic cotton in the U.S. The success of Organic Essentials and its parent company, TOCMC, has had a positive impact in rural west Texas communities and continues to advance the cause of organic and sustainable farming methods in the U.S. and abroad.

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