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Omega Pharmaceuticals/Smart

Omega Pharmaceuticals/Smart Products

Omega Pharmaceutical, Inc. (the "Company") — a biopharmaceutical company founded in 1987, identifies, develops and commercializes innovative pharmaceutical and over-the-counter (OTC) products from natural sources to provide cost effective treatment of disease and maintenance of health. The Company's strategy has been to focus on developing novel immune-boosting bio-active natural products that enhance and boost the human immune system. Product development arenas include:

• Cancer
• Bone Mending and Wound Healing
• Unintentional Weight Loss — Wasting
• Vaccine Adjuvant and Vaccine Adjunctive
• Immune System — General Protection

The initial work of the Company focused on research of naturally sourced products that directly enhanced the function of the human immune system. Progressively the Company evaluated substances by testing effects on various cell lines in the lab. Animal testing was conducted on singular and combination products. Finally, human testing was conducted under both open label and double-blinded, placebo controlled, partial crossover clinical trials directed by physicians.

To put the products to the ultimate test, the Company selected the following:

1) The HIV/AIDS model in that these patients faced the most compromising immune system attack known to modern medicine and science. The Company received an Investigational New Drug Application (IND) from the FDA for clinical trials.

2) Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. These patients have their immune system highly compromised during therapy. The Company applied for and received an IND from the FDA to test the effectiveness of its products in this arena.

3) Bone Mending and Wound Healing were selected for testing. To provide conclusive evidence of the Company's products effectiveness in bone mending and wound healing, diabetic (Zucker) rats were utilized. These Zucker rats provided a highly compromised model to negatively bias the results. Dr. Nona Colburn envisioned and directed the research project while at the University of Alabama Medical Center (UAB). The very convincing results provided her an award winning project at The Annual Orthopaedic Association 31st Annual Residence Conference on February 22, 1998 and further resulted in her earning a fellowship at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to continue her research in bone mending and wound healing.

Finally, research conducted in 2002 at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Schneider Children Hospital in New York provided the Company with highly significant findings in the area of HIV/AIDS. For this research, the product was code named EB-1. EB-1, commercially known as CM4, demonstrated a blocking mechanism on secondary cell receptor sites. This finding or "mechanism of action" in large part explained the results obtained in clinical trials conducted by Frank D. Sutton, M.D., Chief Clinical Investigator, on 68 HIV/AIDS patients.

In separate research at the same institutions, additional discovery was made that unlocked critically important information as to the product's immune protection through Heat Shock Proteins (hsp's). Remarkable enhancement of hsp's has lead to investigation by the Company of its product 's function as an adjuvant/adjunctive with vaccines. Preliminary analysis suggests the ability to use sub-therapeutic doses of vaccine, i.e. Smallpox, Tetanus, etc. with the Company's product to inoculate and protect the subject individual and provide the desired titer response. Additionally, based on this finding, it is believed the Company's product in combination with various antibiotics may be effective in treating and protecting individuals against Anthrax and other toxins. Further research is warranted.

Omega Smart Bar - Nutrition Bars

Omega Smart started in Ginny’s kitchen in 1999 is dedicated to formulating nutritious whole food bars that address numerous health issues, which included her husband suffering from diabetes. Through research Ginny uncovered numerous health conditions that were due primarily to diet and could be reversed or greatly helped by incorporating some dietary changes. The conditions covered by her research include heart disease, celiac disease and other digestive disorders, diabetes, and autism to name a few.

Ginny felt a snack bar was the best way to incorporate the nutritional therapy due to its convenient form, packaging and overall acceptance by all ages.

The ingredients chosen supplied nutrients and vitamins lacking in the Standard American Diet.

In 2002, Ginny and Ron embarked on a nationwide tour to bring their product and the knowledge they have gained to the general public and expanded product lines to include a wide variety of flavors.

The company’s mission is to practice evidence-based formulation where scientific and health literature is monitored and evaluated to assure the most wholesome and healthful ingredients to the consumer. The bars are formulated to be high in ala omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and phytonutrients (plant based nutrients) and are label-certified organic. Omega Smart is constantly working on improving product formulation and meeting the demands of the expanding health conscious consumer. Omega Smart has launched a new line of “holistic” health bars that will address the needs of customers facing specific disease such as diabetes and a line to address the needs of the ever-growing older population interested in proactive health maintenance.

"We believe that through proper diet and exercise many conditions can be improved and diseases reversed. In our site we will add links to other sites of interest involving alternative medicine and health and diet issues."

- Wishing You All Gods Best!
Ron & Ginny Jawidzik


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