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Oakmont Labs/Health..Sun

Oakmont Labs/Health from the Sun Products

Oakmont Labs - a company that is recognized for global excellence in EFAs and phytonutrients. As the health care professional's division of Arkopharma-US - the North American arm of Europe's largest mamufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements - Oakmont Labs is an industry's leading innovator. Over the past 25 years, the company has pioneered solvent-free extraction processes for flax and Evening Primrose oils. Their omega-3,6,9 supplements, The Daily EFA and The Daily EFA Vegetarian, were the first, and are still the finest, in the industry. Earlier this year they introduced another industry first: pure fish oils in fish gelatin capsules. And their newly redesigned packaging features a unique E-Z Plan label to help ensure patient compliance with your usage instructions. Other reasons you should choose Oakmont

Labs products include:

  • Rigorous third-party testing of every batch of product to ensure product quality and truth-in-labeling
  • Research-based formulations designed to meet the demanding needs of health care professionals
  • Advanced processing technologies like expeller pressing of plant seed oils, cold milling of flax seeds, and molecular distillation of fish oils
  • State-of-the art packaging for extended shelf life
  • Outstanding customer service and toll free technical support

    If you are already using Oakmont Labs products with your patients, I encourage you to ask for our catalog - you will find many new formulations along with your old favorites.

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