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Nutramedix Inc

Nutramedix Inc Products

About the company
Nutramedix was founded in 1993 and currently has facilities in Jupiter, Florida, USA and in Shannon, Ireland supplying highly bio-active nutritional supplements to health care professionals and consumers.

From the beginning, Nutramedix has operated with a unique business model. First, the owners and management work diligently to operate a company according to Biblical principles– with honesty, integrity, value and respect for all people. Its corporate environment is one that works to serve both its customers and its employees, producing one the best customer service teams in the industry. Second, Nutramedix was founded with the goal of using a significant amount of its proceeds to support orphans, widows, Christian pastors and missionaries in economically distressed parts of the world. So as a customer, you are not just purchasing high quality nutritional supplements, you are helping us give back to people in need all around the globe.

About The Products
Nutramedix has made a significant investment to develop a unique, proprietary extraction and enhancement process used to manufacture its liquid extracts. The result is a highly bio-available whole plant, broad-spectrum, cost-effective extract. In 2000, Nutramedix introduced Samento, a rare chemo-type of Cat´s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa), which has remained one of its signature products. Nutramedix has since developed a full line of products utilizing the same proprietary extraction and enhancement process.

Nutramedix also conducts extensive research to secure the very highest quality raw materials for its powdered capsule products. Many of which have been designed to enhance the effectiveness of the liquid extracts. Nutramedix is expanding it’s line of natural products in order meet the needs of health care professionals and consumers.

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