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In 1965, Belgian-born Luc Chaltin was gravely ill with tuberculosis. He could not tolerate the treatment attempted by traditional medical doctors and a well respected classical homeopath told him that homeopathy could not cure tuberculosis. This life-threatening experience led him on his journey.

As fate would have it, his search led him to a book that explained the importance of liver drainage, more commonly known as detoxification. He knew he had found his answer. Luc began using homeopathic remedies known to cleanse or "drain" the liver of toxins. As he continued his quest for health, he began to experiment by combining homeopathic liver "drainers" with homeopathic remedies known to support excretory function. He soon developed a combination formula and labeled it "Drainer." His condition quickly improved. Within six months, there was no evidence of tuberculosis.

Determined to continue his research and share his discovery with others, Luc sought additional learning opportunities. He earned a homeopathic diploma from the British Institute of Homeopathy. His studies eventually led him to a degree in Naturopathy as well. He began to teach homeopathy, lecture, write books and publish articles for scientific journals. He firmly believed in educating others and "paying it forward." During his career in Natural Health, Dr. Luc assisted in the healing of thousands of people throughout the United States, Europe and the Caribbean.

In 1987, Dr. Luc founded Newton Laboratories, Inc. and began to market his "Drainer" as NEWTON's Detoxifier, along with other unique formulations, to health food stores, holistic practitioners and retail customers. His formulations support the liver and kidneys while addressing symptoms of acute and chronic illness. The theory of detoxification for overcoming toxic, chronic afflictions remains at the forefront of holistic healing methods today. All NEWTON complexes continue to be developed using his unique methods. In May of 1992, one of his papers on "auto-immune" diseases was presented to the International Conference on AIDS held in Amsterdam by noted scientific author, Christopher Bird. During the summer of 1993, Dr. Luc served on a special committee established to review grant applications for the Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He was invited to participate due to his "…knowledge of alternative medicine and [his] ability to bring rigorous scientific standards to the review of these types of applications."

In order to promote homeopathy and educate others, Dr. Luc founded The American Academy of Clinical Homeopathy (AACH). Hundreds of health food store personnel and lay people have completed the AACH Certification in Basic Homeopathic Principles and gone on to promote healing through clinical homeopathic methods. Today, the AACH has a staff of educators and support personnel who are embracing Dr. Luc's vision and continuing his vision for educating the masses in this valuable healing method.

In 2004, at the age of 81, Dr. Luc entrusted the daily operations of NEWTON/AACH to Marge Roberts and a well-trained team of experts. Marge has studied homeopathy in both the US and Sri Lanka and began studying with Dr. Luc in 1996. With a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and a Masters Degree in the field of Education, Marge and the NEWTON team are committed to continuing the legacy of natural healing and education that Dr. Luc began.

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