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NaturaNectar Products

Scientific Base is our Principle:
NaturaNectar™ takes pride in its products that are developed with extensive research and scientific diligence, including work from highly respected international researchers who have investigated, tested and published findings in top industry publications.

Quality Assurance:
Every step of our process from the raw material extraction to the finished capsule available to you is monitored and tested. We use top independent laboratories such as CHROMADEX to perform rigorous product testing to ensure compliance with USP and even California Proposition 65. Rest assured, we will only sell products that can be trusted for their potency and quality

cGMP Made in USA:
Our products are manufactured in the USA on GMP certified premises, meeting the standards set by the FDA.

Cooperation with the Academic Community:
Our technical team works in Partnership with PhD’s of the University of Sao Paulo - a world leader in the field of Propolis. One of our founders, Alessandro Esteves, was part of the scientific team that discovered the botanical origin of the Brazilian Red Propolis. After this breakthrough, Esteves dedicated his life to work with the scientific community to unveil the great health benefits of this nectar from nature, which became the inspiration for our name NaturaNectar™

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