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Natural Sources

Natural Sources Products

The pet industry has done everything in its power to suppress the information contained in this book because it tells pet owners how to kill fleas using a natural flea treatment for dog flea control and cat flea control without using insecticides and if insecticides are used, such as Frontline or Advantix this book shows which ones to use and how to use them.

Iíll give you one little example - Did you know that water kills fleas in an immature stage? That by merely watering the shaded areas outside your home where your pet routinely rests you can kill fleas, and most of the next generation of fleas that are developing??

This is just one of the techniques that the pet industry will never tell you. They want to sell you insecticides over and over and over again. We want safe flea treatment whether you use insecticides or use natural flea treatment.

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