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Maximum Human Performance

Maximum Human Performance Products


You want the best science has to offer because you want RESULTS! That’s exactly what you’ll get when you buy an MHP supplement. MHP has made tremendous progress in the sports supplement industry in recent years. Products such as T-BOMB II , TRAC Extreme-NO and Probolic-SR have revolutionized the industry and produced measurable results for thousands upon thousands of people. As impressive as these breakthroughs are, though, we aren’t satisfied! We feel that we haven’t even scratched the surface of what can be done in the area of sports supplementation!

Our company was born out of a friendship between World Class Bodybuilder, Gerard Dente, and Dr. Vincent Giampapa, MD, a world-renowned hormonal manipulation and anti-aging physician. A working relationship between Giampapa’s staff of expert scientists and doctors, and the staff of sports nutritionists and biochemists at MHP has made it possible to provide YOU with the most technologically advanced sports nutrition supplements available through modern science.


  • 1997—MHP was the first company to launch an effective HGH precursor with the introduction of Secretagogue-One to the bodybuilding and fitness community. Today Secretagogue-One remains the #1 selling HGH formula in vitamin retail stores.
  • 1999—With the introduction of TRAC , MHP brings 2 new advancements to sports nutrition. TRAC was the first product to boost ‘NO” Nitric Oxide. It was also the first time released sports nutrition product, utilizing a patented time released technology delivery.
  • 2001—The first company to enteric coat 1-Testosterone with T-BOMB for better absorption and unparalleled results.
  • 2004—The first company to introduce a 5-stage testosterone optimizer and complete hormone manipulation formula with T-BOMB II
  • 2005— Probolic-SR , the world’s first 12-hour time released protein is introduced and makes all other proteins inferior.
  • 2005—MHP takes Nitric Oxide to an entirely new level with TRAC Extreme-NO . Leave it to the originators of nitric oxide to master the nitric oxide pathway. TRAC Extreme-NO contains the exclusive nitric oxide igniter, Metafolin ® for unequalled NO production…

    But it doesn’t stop there. As your quest for obtaining maximum health and physical performance drives on, we’ll keep developing superior products. In fact, many more innovations are in the works right now. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just someone looking to get in shape and improve your health and longevity, make no mistake, MHP is there to help you meet ALL of your goals!

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