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Lifenhance Products

For almost a decade LIFEnhance, Inc. has been in the pharmaceutical industry, and thus adopted the exacting level of excellence for product quality and manufacturing standards, in its line of all-natural, botanical extract formulations, specifically designed to enhance the quality of one's life. Initially, rigorous scientific research is conducted as over 10,000 formulas are studied. Then development and testing are undertaken to create the formulations of maximum efficacy to address specific functions. Finally LIFEnhance’s proprietary manufacturing process uses the latest technologies in solvent-free extraction and purification to produce the highest concentration, quality and purity of product. Product analysis (COA) were conducted both at LIFEnhance’s labs and at the prestigious Milwaukee based Covance Labs for pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury), bacteria, yeast and mold.

LIFEnhance’s products are scientifically researched and clinically tested for toxicity and efficacy. The studies were conducted both in China and the U.S.A. There were also independent clinical studies done at the American Integrative Medical Association in Norfolk, Virginia. These botanical products are proven to be fast acting, potent, yet non-toxic.

Why are these products superior to others? Years of research and development were conducted to specifically create the most effective formulations for cancer support. Clinical Studies were done to prove efficacy and fast action.

Also, toxicity tests are conducted on all LIFEnhance products to show safety. On top of that, LIFEnhance makes all medicines super concentrated – 6 to 1 in ratio. Not only does it maximize efficacy, it delivers the medicine in one cup of a pleasant tasting drink, as opposed to hundreds of capsules. All the formulas dissolve fast in water and is easily absorbed into the bloodstream without irritating the stomach.

LIFEnhance medicines are of pharmaceutical grade. The COAs (certificate of Analysis) prove that there are no heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, yeast or mold.

LIFEnhance selects only the highest quality herbs, applies stringent Quality Control in GMP manufacturing facilities, which use state-of-the-art technologies in our proprietary process. LIFEnhance combines the best of the ancient and the modern: the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the practices of contemporary scientific labs.

In summary, LIFEnhance’s botanical products are:

  • Specifically Designed
  • Maximum Efficacy
  • Fast Acting
  • Safe
  • Clinically Tested
  • Extensively Researched
  • Super Concentrated (6-1 in ratio)
  • Fast Dissolving
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • GMP Standard

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