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Koehler Products

The Köhler Pharma GmbH is a medium-sized enterprises, which in particular from the biochemist Dr. Franz J. Köhler. Dr. Franz J. Köhler developed mineral preparations for the professional therapeutic use provides for. Dr. Franz Köhler had already from the 50-year-substance preparations developed mineral, which by binding with aspartic acid easily be well received and VER-evaluated will be able to body from. since allowed the product range through continuous research to be improved constantly developing expanded and and. Even in the areas of active ingredient and application-organ protection have been developed by Dr. Kohler innovations until today to improve medical diagnosis and therapy help.

In the second generation of men followed the expanding company is still the principles of careful and serious scientific research. In close contact with doctors, from clinic and practice, products are for the benefit of the patients developed high quality and tested to allow for targeted therapies.

At the same time understands the Köhler Pharma GmbH as a cell, the positive contribution to their cultural and social growth of the organism makes to society. Therefore, it is actively involved as a sponsor in the field of sport and supports non-profit cultural institutions.

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