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Kevala / Karuna Products

Thank you for choosing Kevala as your supplier of exceptional nutritional formulas to promote and support optimal health. Kevala(tm) is the consumer division of Karuna Corporation, which has provided superior natural medicines and supplements to the medical profession since 1981. Kevala's natural progesterone products and nutritional supplements are formulated and manufactured to the highest standards and continually tested to assure optimal purity, potency and freshness.

1. Purity

"Kevala", a word from Sanskrit the world's oldest written language, means "pure, whole, perfect, absolute" - These words are the foundation of our mission at Kevala and exemplify our commitment to our growing family of customers.

2. Recommended by Doctors

The company producing your Kevala formulations has been one of the leading providers of natural medicines and supplements to physicians for over twenty five years. We have earned and held the confidence of thousands of health care professionals by constantly adhering to the highest standards - the same standards that assure the superiority of every Kevala product you choose.

3. Good Value.

The Kevala line was created because we know that most people are happy to pay a fair price for nutritional products of highest quality. When it comes to your ongoing good health, it makes no sense to save a few dollars when you know all products are not the same. Don't gamble -- select the finest products you can find at a reasonable price. We promise and guarantee that Kevala formulations are a better value, all things considered, than any other products you'll find in the consumer nutritional market.

4. High Quality.

Unfortunately, the nutrition and vitamin industry is littered with irresponsible product claims and misleading marketing practices. Too many health-conscious individuals are disappointed - and even deceived - in their search for reliable nutritional products. From two decades of experience, we at Kevala know the costs for assay-verified ingredients, of superior freshness, purity and potency, and we know the investment required for superior manufacturing. This experience and knowledge is reflected in our formulations.

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