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Karuna Products

The current edition of the Karuna Product Catalog, and website, offers you more fine formulations backed by solid science and clinical trials. In these pages, you’ll find familiar favorites, meaningful formulation upgrades, and exceptional new products targeted to your clinical needs. Like the Karuna product line, our Catalog and website are designed to work for you, helping you help your patients. We’re grateful to all of you and trust that you will find our Product Catalog and website easy to use and loaded with beneficial information.

Over Twenty-Five Years of Responsible Nutrition

Since 1981, Karuna has earned the loyalty of thousands of holistic medical professionals, doctors who expect and deserve products and service that exceed conventional standards. We will meet your high expectations throughout the next twenty-five years as well, one order at a time, week after week, year after year. Referrals remain our primary source of new Customers, which we accept as affirmation that you notice and appreciate the extra effort we invest in serving your practice.

Karuna creates the best products possible, utilizing research-validated ingredients of verified freshness, purity and potency. Pricing these products to keep them affordable for your patients means tightening profit margins and keeping overhead moderate. Although we have a lower profile than some companies, we continually experience the wisdom of this longer-view approach: you reward our attentiveness to your practice by choosing Karuna products for a greater share of your therapeutic nutritional needs.

Our Appreciation For You, Our Customer

The name Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning “the embodiment of compassionate activity.” It’s a daily reminder that our work assists you in promoting the healing and wellness of your patients. We are sincerely honored to earn our living within a dedicated community of compassionate health care practitioners that makes such a significant positive difference in our world.

We invite and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please let us know how we can better serve your practice and your patients. We enjoy interacting with our Customers, and we will always go the extra miles necessary to earn your trust and your business -- fortifying our ongoing assurance that You Can Rely on Karuna as Confidently as Your Patients Rely on You.

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