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Kanion Products

Kanion developes and produces TCM, dietary supplements as well as herb powder and extrats,which are manufactured mainly from natural raw materials. Kanion owns a broad product range which is backed by advanced technical services and innovation. Besides, Kanion utilizes several high-quality solutions in many packaged consumer goods around the globe.

The product range is as followed:

  • Herb medicines
  • Herb powder and extracts
  • Dietary supplements
  • Oral liquids

    With the mission “help people enjoy healthy lives with superior and pure natural products”, Kanion will continue to implement this successful strategy in the coming years ; Based on our established program, Kanion will strengthen its position in the worldwide market and cooperate with like-minded companies and organizations; Kanion will bravely meet the future challenges and welcome everyone to enjoy the success.

  • More than 100 kinds of herbal medicines are waiting for your cooperation on development, production and sales;
  • A batch of quality natural herbal medicines and health care products, combining classic prescriptions and modern preparation technique, are for you to select on the basis of agency relationship;
  • Availability of the specialized technique to supply the quality natural extracts and extracted ointments to you;
  • Availability of the superiorly advanced equipment up to the international level to undertake contract manufacturing business.

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