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Innate Response Formulas

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“The first thing that is destroyed in the laboratory when a nutrient is isolated from a food, is the delicate web of intelligence that binds the components of food together. When a blood cell rushes to a wound site and begins to form a clot, it has not traveled there at random. It actually knows where to go and what to do when it gets there, as surely as a paramedic - in fact, more surely, since it acts completely spontaneously and without guesswork. Even if we break down its knowledge into finer and finer bits, looking for the secret in some minute hormone or messenger enzyme, we will not find a protein strand labeled ‘intelligence’, and yet there is no doubt that intelligence is at work.” The human body depends on supplies of energy for life, vitality and health. Such energy comes from our innate constitution, our surroundings, and primarily from the food we consume. It is a known fact that without quality food, our health and vigor declines, disease rises, and quality of life is lessened. This is an undisputable law of nature. In accordance with the laws of nature, there are the seven principles of natural medicine, which are based on the belief that the human body possesses the inherent ability to restore health. The physician’s role is to facilitate this process with the aid of natural, nontoxic therapies, including herbal and nutritional supplementation. With reverence to the body’s innate ability to heal, as well as nature’s capacity to facilitate the healing process, Innate Response Formulas® were created.

Food in its natural state, similar to the human body, is complex in its constitution. Food not only provides essential nutrients and macro-nutrients, but also an intricate web of synergistic constituents that include bio-active peptides, enzymes, amino acids, lipids and a myriad of beneficial compounds. These interrelated constituents, or bioactive co-factors, once considered non-nutritive compounds, are now known to work in unison to help protect the body against a decline in overall health, as well as having paramount roles in the assimilation and utilization of essential nutrients in the body. In totality, these constituents are the essence of food. If any one of these constituents or nutrients are removed or altered, the biological activity of all the constituents is greatly diminished. Functioning and existing as a whole, food nutrients have the innate intelligence to nourish and restore the body.

Contrary to popular belief, most of the vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals used to create dietary supplements are not derived or isolated from food, but are instead produced synthetically from chemicals and manufacturing by-products. This produces pure, crystalline analogues of vitamins and minerals, which are chemically synonymous to pharmaceutical drugs. In this state, pure vitamins and minerals are devoid of the vital essence food intrinsically delivers. Devoid of food intelligence, the biological activity of pure vitamins and minerals is low; therefore, the amount of each nutrient required to instigate an organic response in the body far exceeds the amount of each nutrient present in whole foods. Although pure vitamins and minerals have curative properties and have helped to eradicate nutritional deficiencies, the benefits are often associated with harmful consequences. Numerous studies have demonstrated the long-term use of synthetically pure nutrients to have toxic consequences in the body. Beta-carotene and iron are two well-documented examples. In consideration of the chemical nature and toxicity associated with pure, crystalline vitamins and minerals, it is apparent that the exclusive use of non-food nutritional therapies is not harmonious with the laws of natural medicine.

As research continues to discover how nutrients are delivered and function in the body, it is evident that nutrients delivered in their natural state (in whole foods) are the safest and most bioavailable form in which to nourish the body. Since 1972, BioSan Laboratories has strived to craft authentic nutritional formulas using the highest quality whole food nutrients with unparalleled bioavailability. Innate Response Formulas® are crafted with BioSan’s proprietary True Active™ FoodState® whole food concentrates and botanicals, to naturally nourish the body as nature intended.

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