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Immune Therapy Research Labs

Immune Therapy Research Labs Products

IImmune Therapy Research Laboratory (ITRL) has enjoyed substantial growth since itís inception as a result of continued support and loyalty of its clients. This has been achieved by introduction of innovative and effective natural products to support and modulate the immune system.

ITRL is dedicated to the research and development of products that may be effective in prevention and therapy of immune deficiency syndromes, chronic infections, auto immune diseases, hypersensitivity reactions, decline in health due to aging, poor diet, chemicals and environmental factors. Our products support both internal health and skin care through the use of a number of oral products and dermal emollients.

A measure of our success has been retention of substantial numbers of our clients and testimonies written by satisfied customers and health practitioners.

We strive to retain the trust and loyalty of our clients by the use of superior ingredients, quality service outstanding customer relations and development of safe and effective nutraceuticals and unique cosmeceuticals.

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