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Immune Health Basics / Biothera

Immune Health Basics / Biothera Products

Immune Health Basics is product of Biothera, a biotechnology company dedicated to improving immune health. We are developing a natural gluco polysaccharide that targets and directs innate immune system function. Our compound is a biological response modifier that triggers innate immune cells to recognize and destroy pathogens, including an entirely new mechanism for killing cancer. The discovery of this keystone technology has the potential to dramatically enhance existing treatments for most major types of cancer.

The company is commercializing this carbohydrate technology through two business groups:

Pharmaceutical Group. Biothera is developing a drug (Imprime PGG®) to work synergistically with anti-tumor monoclonal antibodies against colon, lung and other cancers. Our business strategy is to continue to advance Imprime PGG through the FDA clinical development process and eventually license the drug to partners that will complete development and take the drug to market.

Healthcare Group. Biothera is commercializing our technology through patented, food-grade ingredients for functional food & beverage, nutritional supplement, cosmetic and animal nutrition products worldwide. Our ingredients are currently in dozens of products in more than 30 countries.

Biothera was founded in 1997 and is based in Eagan, Minnesota, USA.

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