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Herbalist & Alchemist

Herbalist & Alchemist Products

PRESERVING OUR ENVIRONMENT- Our business decisions reflect our commitment to improving & preserving our planet as we provide the highest quality herbal products. We believe in the importance of conducting our business to ensure our right livelihood & that of the growers and collectors that work with us. We are proud of our investment in this endeavor and know that it is only through commitment that we preserve these precious resources for those who will follow us.

We all have choices, and even the simple choices in our daily work environment, such as using recycled paper, storing & processing extracts in recyclable glassware, recycling all disposables possible & recycling our plant material into our home gardens help remind us that we must do our part to honor the great gifts from the earth that we have the privilege of working with every day.

RESPECTING TRADITION - We’ve been crafting the highest quality herbal products since 1982 by adhering to standards rooted in the practices of ancient guilds of alchemists. Species authentication by trained botanists and hand garbling of every raw material shipment are hallmarks of our BIO-SPECIFICTM process.

EDUCATION – We sponsor an ongoing Educational Seminar Program given by experienced herbalists. Staff members are available for store or practitioner training. Our selected educational materials – cds, tapes and books – are available to support the your herbal education. All our staff members continue to advance their knowledge in their respective areas of responsibility.

USING THE WHOLE PLANT - Like the old masters, we believe that all the elements of the plant are essential in making herbal preparations. In ancient times alchemists pursued the quest of true knowledge of nature. Today the practitioners of Herbalist & Alchemist maintain those very same ideals in crafting modern spagyric herbal products.

Sometimes defined as "the transformation of common substance into vital essence," alchemy is based on true knowledge of nature. We combine ancient alchemical traditions with modern science to make exceptionally high-quality herbal products.

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