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Herb Pharm

Herb Pharm Products

Herb Pharm
Since 1979, we at Herb Pharm have integrated traditional herbal knowledge with modern herbal science to produce superior quality herb products. We are the best selling liquid herbal extract line in America’s natural product stores. This is a result of our in-house scientific research and development of our herbal products, our meticulous quality control, our dedication to educating customers on the safe and effective use of herbs, our commitment to organic agriculture and environmental issues, and our attention to customer service.

The Pharm Farm
We procure most of our cultivated herbs from our own 85-acre certified organic herb farm. (Click here for information on the Pharm Farm)

The Plant Plant
We have control of our extract from the living plant growing in the field to the finished extract shipped directly to our customers. (Click here for information about the Plant Plant)

Our Science
We do primary herbal research and quality control in our in-house laboratory. (Click here for information about our Research & Development)

Our Herbal Professionals
Herb Pharm is a company rooted in traditional herbal medicine. We have dedicated herbalists responsible for overseeing each critical stage in the making of our herbal extracts. (Click here for information about our Company of Herbal Professionals)

Our Commitment to a Sustainable Planet
Herb Pharm recognizes that people cannot be healed at the expense of the environment. (Click here for information about Herb Pharm's Environmental Commitment.)

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