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Health Concerns

Health Concerns Products

Chinese herbal products from Health Concerns are a revolutionary blend of the old and the new. The modern applications of centuries of herbal medical knowledge, both Eastern and Western, can help you to achieve and maintain optimum health and energy throughout your life. Herbal formulas can assist you in correcting system imbalances and disharmonies caused by stress, poor diet, and even heredity.

Health Concerns and Chinese herbals can facilitate in the healing of serious conditions, as well as common complaints such as fatigue, headaches, anxiety and digestive problems. Western medicine may treat the symptoms, yet offer no permanent solutions.

Ginseng, astragalus, and other natural Chinese herbs in our Chinese Energetic Formula line follow the ancient tradition of Chinese medicine. The goal is to assist people in the maintenance of their own health by making appropriate dietary and lifestyle changes. The natural Chinese herbs in our VRROOOM Power Tabs can assist the body in releasing energy and helps in supporting, balancing and maximizing your body's natural energy system. Astragalus, in combination with additional herbs in the Astra 8 formula help to tone the body's defense system and help the body adapt to stress. Other formulas, for example, provide quality sources of echinacea to help avoid those pesky flu and colds and valerian to help naturally relieve anxiety and nervous stress.

Health Concerns was the first company in the United States to manufacture Chinese herbal products for practitioners. Today, Health Concerns formulas are adminstered by leading healthcare professionals around the world. All formulas have been created by herbalist Andrew Gaeddert in conjunction with leading clinicans, biochemists and translators.

Health Concerns formulas are manufactured under the strictest quality controls and tested extensively to ensure optimum effectiveness, potency, and bioavailability. In addition, Mr. Gaeddert is the author of the books Chinese Herbs in the Western Clinic, Healing Digestive Disorders, Digestive Health NOW, Healing Skin Disorders, and Healing Immune Disorders, as well as numerous articles. He has been on the protocol team of several scientific herb studies.

Our commitment is that we believe that herbs provide powerful healing. We take extra care to make sure our herbs are the most potent available. We have the strongest herbs in the industry. In fact, none have been proven stronger. Our extracts range from 3:1 to 500:1. Careful attention is paid to the correct harvesting time to produce the highest yielding botanicals. We back up our time-tested herbal knowledge with rigorous quality testing, to ensure exceptional quality and potency in every bottle.

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