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Hamida Pharma

Hamida Pharma Products

Commited to improving healthcare nd healthy living through the science of herbal medicine.

Hamida Pharma is a rapidly expanding,research-based company that develops highly-innovative phytomedicines to target specific issues and body systems.

After years of copious research,company founder Heba Hamida,Ph.D.,N.M.D., discovered that many natural products were contaminated with toxins and heavy metals, so he developed a process that would cleanse raw materials of harmful contaminants while increasing the potency of bioactive botanical ingredients. The end result is a proprietory extraction process called B.E.E

Recognized for its commitment to efficacy and product purity, Hamida Pharma is quickly becoming a world leader in scientific herbal extraction technologies and will have products available in close to 50 countries by the close of 2006.

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