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Guna Biotherapeutics

Guna BioTherapies Products

GUNA, founded in 1983, is the Italian leader in homeopathic medicine. GUNA currently manufactures and distributes homeopathic medicine in more than 20 countries. Due to the increase in demand from the USA for innovative and modern health solutions, GUNA has expanded to North America. In 2006, GUNA Inc, the US subsidiary, opened its doors to provide cutting edge solutions via the GUNA Method and products to US practitioners.

GUNA is a Sanskrit phrase that translates to “all life energies of living beings”. A parallel can be drawn between the essence of this ancient phrase and GUNA’s international reputation for leading edge science and medical advancement throughout Europe. A hallmark of GUNA’s commitment to scientific innovation is collaboration in both Research and Development and medical education within the academic community in various well-known universities, including the University of Milan. This cornerstone of GUNA’s vision ensures that GUNA will remain on the forefront of integrative medicine – thereby providing the most progressive medical treatment concepts and products available today.

Patients today require advanced treatment strategies and protocols in order to achieve the best possible resolution of health challenges. The GUNA Method and GUNA products are easily integrated with all other treatment concepts and in fact, optimize the effects and results of existing treatment options.

GUNA provides effective and superior homeopathic medicine based on a unique and progressive therapeutic approach, the GUNA Method. And GUNA’s highly respected medical education program, now in it’s 20th year in Italy, has been adapted to the US practitioners’ interests and will be continuously available in the USA. GUNA invites you to join your colleagues for an introduction to the highly effective GUNA Method and products.

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