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Good Clean Love

Good Clean Love Products

Research shows that arousal and an active sex life may lead to a longer life, better heart health, a more robust immune system, and an improved ability to ward off chronic pain, lower rates of depression and even protection against certain cancers. These and other facts about the positive impact of regular and healthy intimacy are becoming standard fare in mainstream media. I take it as a sure sign that we are finally coming to terms with the profound significance of embracing and integrating sexuality into our lives and culture in ways that heal us.

This was recently underlined by an empirical study for the National Bureau of Economic Research, which surveyed over 16,000 American adults and calculated in financial terms just how much happiness sex is worth. Not surprisingly, the study found unequivocally. "the more sex, the happier the person."?, and that it would take $100,000 to create the same level of happiness in a single adult not enjoying a regular sex life.

Yet we maintain a deep schism about sexuality in this country. On one hand, we support a $10 Billion adult industry with over 700 million video rentals per year, but yet have the lowest self reported sexual activity of 144 countries surveyed. How is that possible- that we all want real intimacy and settle for such cheap imitations- imitations that shame us into hiding and denying our own sexual needs.

I study these things because our corporate mission is to increase the awareness and experience of love in the world by providing high quality products which enhance and deepen intimacy. So in a sense I sell love- or at least "love in a bottle". We exhibit at many national trade shows where I speak with a wide range of people- from those longing for intimacy to those whose sexuality is entirely repressed.

When I reveal my own secret-that I have an amazing sex life, (which is to say, that there is probably nothing I do in life that is more fun than my late night interludes with my husband.) I have captured their attention. The story is all the more compelling when they hear that we have been together over 20 years and that we still have four growing kids, including two teenagers.

"How do you do it?" they all want to know. Then I give them the tour through our product lines: love oils, love balms, pleasure butters, personal lubricants and if they're still standing- our love flowers perfumes. Our products work. I know they do from personal experience, and they have worked for centuries for lovers from all over the world. I haven't invented anything, I just packaged them with beautiful labels, ancient teachings, and good instructions.

Our products are true aphrodisiacs because they use the power of natural plant essences to open the heart, bring you deep into yourself and excite the exploration of love. Many of the oils were used in ancient civilizations from India to Egypt to Rome. I tell people that if you kiss with my product, the essential oils go through your nose and right into the limbic section of the brain (responsible for emotion, memory and sexuality) in .05 seconds. Rediscover a kiss with these oils and in ten minutes both you and your partner have experienced a slight chemical shift that brings you together into the same sacred moment.

This company was born out of my own search for products to do this for me. I couldn't find anything that was not largely or entirely synthetic, and though often marketed as "natural."? The chemicals that make up most personal lubricants include chemicals which were invented as brake fluid, antifreeze, and industrial lubricants. What's more, the difference between synthetically produced fragrances and true scents of essentials are day and night apart. True scents have the power to open your heart, to heal emotional wounds, to allow a true experience of the present moment. Synthetic fragrances don't even register in the deep recesses of the brain, except to give you a headache as they often do, when they overpower.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, this work of expanding the awareness and experience of love in the world through the sale of products that encourage deep intimacy and human contact is for me a concrete form of peace activism that I have spent many years pursuing. I was an idea- rich, but resource- poor revolutionary, busily writing beautiful proposals for schools and projects to help bring peace education to my community and the country. In feel privileged and excited to be able to build a business whose mission is to awaken the innate love and passion in all of us and channel the profits to support an endowment fund for global peace initiatives.

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