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Far East Summit

Far East Summit Products

FAR EAST SUMMIT exists to bring authentic and efficacious Chinese herbal formulas to the field of natural medicine. Our company was founded in 1998 (the year of the Earth Tiger) by four friends determined to integrate a knowledge of Chinese herbal tradition with modern biomedical research. Having developed (originally for ZAND® Herbal Formulas) the CHINESE CLASSICS® line of professional herbal products, the founding partners bring a solid reputation to their new venture.

Far East Summit has proven itself an authoritative and innovative source of superior quality Chinese herbal preparations. Nearly all of the Chinese herbs used in our products come directly from China, harvested from specific bio-regions according to ancient cultural traditions. Far East Summit selects only top-quality, chemical-free raw herbs for direct shipment to the United States.

The effectiveness of using fresh, additive-free sources for our products is augmented by our proprietary extraction process, guaranteeing high herbal concentrations for products of the highest caliber. With a combined experience in Chinese medicine and natural health care of over 50 years, our owners are proud to be developing safe, effective and highly sophisticated herbal formulas.

Most importantly, Far East Summit seeks to contribute to the understanding that health is dependent on lifestyle. By encouraging this growing awareness, we hope that leaders, teachers, business people and, most importantly, physicians, will act with deeper understanding. It is through this wisdom, we believe, that unnecessary suffering can be alleviated, and hope offered to future generations.

Through our website, we seek to provide useful information about our products and services, communicate who we are, and better interact with our community in sharing ideas and insights. All of us at Far East Summit sincerely thank you for your ongoing interest and support.

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