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Extended Health

Extreme Health Extended Health Products

Extreme Health USA was founded in 1997 by Michele Payne-Salomon, who has paved the way for the natural health industry by revolutionizing products through extensive research and cutting edge product development. How does Extreme Health USA differentiate itself from other companies in the health industry? Quite simply, by specializing in only a few cutting edge products, versus other companies which offer hundreds of products. Extreme Health USA focuses on superior quality and effectiveness.

Extreme Health USA has been selling these "specialized" formulas to doctors for over 10 years. The products are also carefully placed in the highest quality health foods stores, clinics, pharmacies, and natural wellness stores. The good news is that Extreme Health also offers the same formulas to children, which further verifies how safe the formulas are. Hundreds of thousands of orders have been placed by consumers, ages ranging from as young as six to reportedly ninety-nine.

In the past ten years, Extreme Health USA has been published and recommended in multiple natural health books, respected journals, magazines, and doctor's publications and university reports. The highlights of this list include the #1 New York Times Best Seller; Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know by Kevin Trudeau, news publications such as Forbes and manuscripts published by well respected organizations such as University Of Michigan.

Extreme Health USA has received thousands of accounts of positive health changes from the simplest health issues, to recovering from serious conditions. We have heartwarming stories of children restored to harmony from severe health ailments associated with toxic poisons, such as lead and mercury to adult's with severities ranging from serious degenerative liver damage, cardiovascular problems, chronic pain, depression, to memory fog. It's highly recommended to read the "STUDIES BY DOCTORS" to review the numerous benefits of Extreme Health's cutting edge Formulas.

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