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Craig Nutraceuticals

Craig Nutraceuticals Products

Craig Nutraceuticals, Inc. was formed in 1999 by Dennis and Deborah Craig, because of an intense passion in nutritional and alternative medicine to control the purity and quality of every ingredient in every item that CNI introduces to the market place. Fortunately, a new standard for all companies selling nutritional items called GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) has been set up to weed out companies using fillers, binders and excipients beyond the minimum requirements for profit. CNI has been GMP or higher in raw material quality since its birth in 1999. CNI only uses Pharmaceutical grade U.S.P. or better where available. U.S.P. stands for United States Pharmacopia and guarantees purity levels of every ingredient at 98.6% or better in purity. Some raw materials like amino acids and many antioxidants are being made available in IV Pharmaceutical grade. Intravenous Pharmaceutical guarantees purity at 99.4% or better and where it is available, CNI uses it. This is the best and most logical approach. The better the raw material our valued customers get, the better therapeutic response they will receive when taking our products. USP or better is the key here since some raw material suppliers have diluted the pharmaceutical grades in purity and are claiming at least five gradients of pharmaceutical levels ranging from 90% to 97% pure. CNI has always used U.S.P. as its minimum standards. CNI was a GMP product before GMP was invented!

Integrity, quality, and purity are crucial issues but what about knowledge? CNI has professional and clinical experience that started in 1983. Dennis Craig started as an independent contractor working with many different manufacturers as a technical advisor for their products to the health care professionals including medical doctors and clinics, rehab centers, chiropractors, health food stores, and individuals with problems looking for answers with nutrients. His expertise in amino acid biochemistry and co-enzyme vitamin and mineral therapy propelled him to fill a vital need, education. Between 1986 and 2006, Dennis has given over 2200 lectures and seminars on nutritional pharmacology including radio and television shows promoting the use of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and antioxidants to doctors, hospitals, and health care professionals. In 1994 Dennis started his own company called Nutri-Source as a distributor selling many different manufacturers products to health care professionals. This process enabled him to diversify his education into many areas of nutritional supplementation. Craig Nutraceuticals, Inc. (CNI) was incorporated in 1999 to manufacture new and unique formulas that were not available from other manufacturers that were critically needed and to have rigidly controlled standards for purity and quality that would set the standard for all others to follow. CNI has built an amazing customer base because of our educated customer service staff who can expertly give answers to their questions and in most cases orders go out the same day the orders are placed. What you take, when you take it, and how much you take is why you call us. Getting the product shipped the same day in most cases is an added bonus to what CNI calls service! Our CNI brand new GMP certified gold foil labels and "Purity in Product" stickers on our products are getting rave reviews from everyone!

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