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Cardio Research/Ecological

Cardio Research/Ecological Products

Founded in 1981, Ecological Formulas/Cardiovascular Research has been formulating and distributing specialty supplements for more than 20 years. Many of the products are for the chemically sensitive individual, and are also kosher certified and/or independently lab tested.

Our Mission

  • Provide health professionals with the highest quality and best researched nutritional supplements and herbs available.
  • Provide health professionals one stop shopping for all their supplement needs.
  • healthcare professionals about the scientific and clinical research that supports the use of nutrients and herbs.
  • Provide healthcare professionals with the right product at the right time.
  • Provide healthcare professionals with the most effective and caring customer service possible.
  • Set the standards for the industry in all aspects of what we do

    Product and Service Guarantee

    You want to have the highest quality natural supplements for your patients. At Emerson Ecologics, we select products from the leaders in the industry, leaders in quality, purity and hypoallergenic products. Our staff selects the best products available and works with our suppliers on a regular basis to ensure that high quality is maintained for you and your patients. Our whole staff wants you to be fully satisfied with all aspects of our service.

    Our goal is to support health care professionals with the highest quality nutrients and herbs available, along with the best customer service and on-call technical support staff of naturopathic doctors and advanced degree nutritionists. As experienced practitioners, we know how important a wide choice of quality products, prompt friendly service, and technical and research support can be to healthcare practitioners. We are always trying to improve our service and actively solicit your feedback and suggestions as to how we can serve you better. We take pride in offering the following services:

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