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BioPharma Scientific was co-founded by two doctors of chiropractic, Dr. Bruce L. Howe and Dr. John H Maher. Combined, they had over 50 years of experience in providing dietary supplements in practices that then were considered "wholistic" and would today likely be consider "integrative".

Those decades of experience taught them first hand that when you can combine products based on good science and garner good patient compliance in taking them, positive results were much more likely to accrue.

They also learned that if they could get their patients to eat well, less supplements would be needed, yet the results would be better yet! But it was difficult to get patients to eat well, difficult to find the time to teach them how in a busy practice, and even more difficult to get paid for the time invested!

Therefore, after retiring from successful practices in the late 1990's, they began to work on a solution to this situation, which has blossomed into what they have christened "The SuperFood Solution" TM Lifelong Wellness Made Easy!

To explain, the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) has sub-optimal amounts of fruits and vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and balanced meals with lean protein. Adding dietary supplements to such a diet certainly has value. But what if we could replace one meal a day with a SuperFood Meal made of some the best functional food formulas on the planet?

One would not only replace a handful of pills, but at the same time one is also displacing less nutritious foods, and frankly, often junk foods. The results are therefore often twice as good!

Why is this "The SuperFood Solution TM" strategy so successful? First, they taste great. Anyone who wants to can find multiple ways to enjoy them simply by using BioPharma's free "The SuperFood Solution TMUser's Guide". Second, they are so convenient as they are virtually instant. Thirdly, our SuperFood Lifelong Wellness Meals are often less expensive then the meals they replace!

Bottom line, no matter how good tasting, convenient and affordable, patients need to feel a difference to stay on any wellness program. That's the ultimate proof of quality. We don't feel we need to explain much here about our quality, though our web site provides all you need to know. We like to let the products prove themselves! Still, we have provided online a plethora of testimonials on NanoGreens 10, NanoPro PRP and NanOmega 3, alone and mixed together for you to read if you like. Having said that, the only testimonial that really counts is yours! That's why we have always provided a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Wishing you lifelong wellness,

Your BioPharma Scientific Team

Better Taste ~ Better Science

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