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Bionorica Products

Bionorica AG (Germany) – The phytoneering company is one of Germany's leading manufacturers of plant-based pharmaceuticals. This third-generation family company is the market-leader in the phytopharmaceutical sector, both in terms of the number of prescriptions issued and units sold. The focus of the 70-year-old company (specializing in respiratory tract diseases and gynecology) are at the optimization of already existing preparations as well as at the development of new preparations

Bionorica’s parent headquarters, Bionorica AG, resides in the Bavarian city of Neumarkt, Germany. The Bionorica AG group consists of nine global companies with sites in Germany, Spain, Hungary, Austria, and now the United States. There are more than 500 employees, 150 of whom are employed outside Germany. In 2004 Bionorica generated 90 million euros in sales and more than 15 percent of gross sales reinvested in research.

Bionorica AG has international representatives in Kiev (Ukraine), Minsk (Belarus), Moscow (Russia), Peking (China), Almaty (Kazakhstan), and Tashkent(Uzbekistan). Per year Bionorica produces more than 1.4 million liters of liquid preparations and around 600 million capsules and tablets. The products are marketed throughout the world in 50 countries.

In 49 of 50 countries, Biornorica’s products are classified as pharmaceuticals. In the US, Bionorica’s products are classified as highly effective plant-based dietary supplements. This is why more doctors, pharmacists and patients are making our products their first choice. We are proud of this success, but at the same time we are aware of the obligation it places on us to work even harder. Phytoneering represents how we strive towards our goal for documented efficacy and safety.

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