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Biomax Formulations

Biomax Formulations Products

This site is dedicated to all who want to learn more about Natural, Holistic & Alternative Healing, over the traditional chemical processes. We Believe our formulations are state-of-the-art and the best Alternative Medicines available to you. We feel confident because they have the best 'delivery system' [sub-lingual (liquid application beneath the tongue)] for absorption rates of over 90%. We have many repeat customers and testimonials on our products, as well as publications Worldwide.

To seek and provide alternative paths and 'non-synthetic chemicals' for well-being. Our researchers and developers are constantly looking for natural ingredients from the Earth and Sea to improve our quality of life.

BioMax is committed to bringing you the most effective nutritional supplement formulations based on the most recent scientific research, and the highest quality of product ingredients available.

We now also offer a variety of state-of-the-art toiletry and candlemaking supplies. We include full instructions and designs for those wishing to create long-burning, transparent candles, for themselves or for their candlemaking businesses, as well as soaps, perfumes and other handcrafted toiletries & gift items, using the safest and highest quality ingredients.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced will thoroughly enjoy these wonderful arts.

We have found that candles promote serenity, relaxation and peace of heart. Creating your own candles adds to your personal Spiritual outlook-- sharing YOUR 'creations' allows you to return your Talents & Gifts unto the Sands of Time.

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