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Beehive Botanicals

Beehive Botanicals Products

People in this country—indeed, over many parts of the globe—are yearning to return to a more natural world.

Better living through chemistry" is no longer such an attractive prospect, and many of us are beginning to wonder if all the technological and industrial advances we've made have been worth the cost—to our health, our environment, our quality of life.

At Beehive Botanicals, we manufacture and sell products that fit in your more natural lifestyle. And in case you thought there was a certain type of person who uses bee products, a word of reassurance: You don't have to give up your career and move to a commune to enjoy Beehive Botanicals.

Each of our products uses at least one of the gifts of the honeybee: pollen, royal jelly, propolis, honey. You many not be familiar with all these substances (you'll find explanations of each as you browse this site) but there are really only two things you need to know. Bee products have been utilized by humankind for centuries.

And they work. Hair care. Skin care. Personal care products, like lip balm, throat spray, and chewing gum. Dietary supplements. Every Beehive Botanicals product is all-natural, packaged in recyclable materials and cruelty-free. We have never conducted formula testing on animals, and never will.

Beehive Botanicals has been around since 1972. We're located in the Wisconsin North Woods, one of the most pristine areas of the United States. Beehive products reflect our respect for Nature's power and our understanding of the value of her gifts.

Beehive Botanicals is:

  • Dedicated to Purity, Integrity and Quality since 1972
  • The largest dealer of bee propolis in North America
  • A member of the International Bee Research Association (IBRA)
  • A member of the American Apitherapy Association
  • A member of the American Herbal Products Association
  • A member of the TruLabel Program

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