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Arthur Andrew Medical

Arthur Andrew Medical Products

Arthur Andrew Medical Inc. prides itself on providing state of the art products with support and service that will remain uncompromised for decades to come. Unlike other nutraceutical manufacturers that formulate products using the latest fads in the health and nutrition industry, Arthur Andrew Medical uses only pharmaceutical grade ingredients from ISO9001 and GMP certified manufacturers. Our knowledgeable staff has decades of experience in health and wellness as well as alternative medicine.

Our manufacturing facility is a worldwide leader in the production of industrial enzymes. Enzymes are eco-friendly solutions to industrial problems. They can improve manufacturing efficiency and lower costs.

In 1957, the founder of and formulator of our products, Specialty Enzymes pioneered the production of papain, a vegetable enzyme derived from papaya fruit. We have carried forth the tradition of that entrepreneurial spirit since 1985. Our extensive biotech experience has led to the development of 160 unique enzyme solutions addressing the needs of customers in 25 industries and over 30 countries.

Our formulators pride themselves on being one of the few manufacturers in the world that produces a full spectrum of industrial enzymes derived from all four natural origins: plant, animal, fungus and bacteria. We use both solid-state and submerge-culture techniques of fermentation.

The Research and Development team is consistently focused on new application development. We share our extensive knowledge with our clients in order to help them remain the leaders in their fields.

Specialty Enzymes is dedicated to developing tailored enzyme solutions for individual customers. Our growing production base, comprehensive advisory board, and after-sales services, allow us to cater to rapidly-expanding global markets.

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