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Artemis Woman

Artemis Woman Products

Women are unique, and so is Artemis WomanŽ. When you choose Artemis Woman, you are choosing professional-grade home spa beauty tools with natural skin care products that transform, revitalize and nurture the body and soul. Each of our products improves every day beauty routines and recognizes that the power to look and feel beautiful lies within each individual woman. We are here to guide you.

Founders Ann Buivid and Lisa Kable realized they shared not only a passion for health and wellness products, but also a vision for how to help women achieve their full potential. In 2002, Ann and Lisa left their corporate careers and founded Artemis Woman, LLC.

Artemis Woman's namesake is the ancient Greek goddess of the moon and hunt. She represents feminine strength, confidence and independence. She is free to ask questions, has the strength to seek solutions, and confidently pursues her own path to complete wellness. We believe that inside every woman is an Artemis Woman. We invite you to discover Artemis Woman.

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