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Allvia Products

AllVia Integrative Pharmaceuticals believes that natural healthcare products are valuable and necessary and should be incorporated into standard medical practice. We strive to be the premier provider of novel diagnostic modalities and producer of natural healthcare products for the medical community by:

  • Developing high quality, well researched, and effective healthcare products
  • Offering novel, state-of-the-art diagnostic modalities
  • Featuring an environment of scientific instruction through research grants and academic collaborations
  • Providing healthcare providers and patients with relevant information through seminars and other educational activities
  • Offering exemplary customer service and support
  • Assuring competitive prices for high quality products

    AllVia Integrative Pharmaceuticals and Allvia Diagnostic Laboratories established in 2000, have revolutionized a diagnostic modality by offering saliva hormone test kits free of charge to healthcare providers. Allivia's HormoneView™ saliva assays are an efficient and affordable method to investigate hormonal imbalances. Our research scientists and physicians have grouped hormones into clinically relevant panels, designed to investigate a wide range of health concerns.

    The Women's Health Initiative and other recently published studies have dramatically increased the awareness of the important roles hormones play in a variety of medical conditions. Healthcare providers have long expressed an interest in an efficient, accurate, non-invasive, method to assess their patients' hormone levels. Allvia Diagnostic Laboratories' saliva hormone assay may be the answer they have been looking for, allowing them to provide their patients with a more comprehensive approach to health.

    Allvia's products are in a high demand with physicians who are looking for or have already switched to alternative medicine. Allvia is the only company in the United States that offers a full range of products as well as hormone validation through its CLIA certified laboratory.

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