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Allergy Research Group

Allergy Research Group Products

Allergy Research Group is one of the very first allergy oriented, hypoallergenic nutritional supplement companies and was founded in 1979 by Stephen Levine, Ph.D., a biochemist from UC Berkeley. For almost 30 years, Dr. Levine has dedicated himself to the latest research and the passionate pursuit of cutting-edge nutritional supplements. Dr. Levine and Allergy Research Group were one of the first to introduce truly hypoallergenic products to the market, and developed the very first Buffered Vitamin C product. Dr. Levine's antioxidant research is legendary in that it created a unique, broad spectrum integration of the data with a very expanded perspective, which is still one of the most sophisticated antioxidant presentations even today. This work eventually lead to Dr. Levine’s groundbreaking textbook Antioxidant Adaptation, which he co-authored with Dr. Parris Kidd in 1985. For almost thirty years, Allergy Research Group has been known for the highest quality, most hypoallergenic, and most cutting-edge nutritional supplements available, and supplies products to physicians and healthcare practitioners around the world.

Since its inception, Allergy Research Group has consistently pioneered new breakthroughs in nutritional supplements and was the first to introduce a variety of unique products to the market including Buffered Vitamin C, Selenium Solution, full spectrum antioxidant formulas such as AntiOx & OcuDyne, Melatonin, Laktoferrin, Artemisinin, NattoZyme, Organic Germanium, Pycnogenol, Mastic Gum, Stabilium® 200 (Garum amoricum), Oralmat® (rye grass extract), and Mucolyxir® (microdose DNA), just to name a few. Today, Allergy Research Group continues its tradition of innovation with the addition of some very exciting new products since our last catalog. For more information on these new products, please see our New Products page.

A History of Quality, since 1979, Allergy Research Group has used only the purest raw materials available, and has implemented strict quality control procedures in every stage of production including inspection of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging and storing. For many years we have used the same manufacturers to produce our capsules and tablets to ensure consistency. In our facility in Alameda, California we bottle, label and ship our finished products. Allergy Research Group is currently licensed by the California Department of Health Services, Food and Drug Branch.

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