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Alacer Corp

Alacer Corp Products

These adjectives certainly described Jay Patrick, who founded Alacer Corp. in 1972, at the age of 60, when most people are planning for retirement, and then built the company into one of the leaders in the field of health food supplements and Vitamin C for the next 30 years until his passing in 2003.

In 1970, Jay developed a timed-release Vitamin C tablet that included all seven mineral ascorbates, in addition to other vitamins and minerals, and gave it the name Super Gram III.

Super Gram III proved highly successful, and, in 1978, Jay and the Alacer team developed a product containing mineral carbonates which would react in water to form a great tasting drink, simulating the animal production of the seven mineral ascorbates which humans cannot produce in their own bodies. The product was introduced to the World Congress on Vitamin C in 1978 and was named Emergen-CŪ.

As distribution of Emergen-C grew to include all 50 states and international markets, Alacer Corp. found a need to expand its facilities. In 2006, Alacer moved into a newly renovated, state-of-the-art facility in Foothill Ranch, California with the capacity to produce over 300 million packets per year.

Jay founded Alacer to create products designed to provide everyone with the same lively energy level that he experienced, and today Alacer Corp.

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