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Aidan Corp

Aidan Corp Products

To provide the world’s Healthcare Professionals with the highest quality and most effective nutriceutical supplements available.

Aidan Products was formed in 2001. The company was spawned by the demand of our flagship products Imm-Kine, C-Statin and IVC-Max. These products were integrated as part of a standard protocol at the Aidan Clinic, which was founded in 1999. The demand for these products is now worldwide and is driven by the dramatic results reported by practitioners around the world.

Neil Riordan MS PA-C, Aidan’s President and founder, was a Senior Research Scientist and Project Manager for project RECNAC at the Biocommunications Research Institute in Wichita, Kansas from 1989 until 1999. While there, he collaborated with his father Hugh Riordan MD, a world-renowned cancer researcher, and a group of other dedicated scientists. Neil Riordan MS PA-C

Through this research, the scientists discovered why vitamin C is useful for cancer patients and published many scientific journal articles on their findings. They discovered a molecule from a plant that stops new blood vessel from growing, which are needed in order for abnormal tissue to grow and spread. They also discovered another molecule from the cell walls of bacteria that both stimulates the immune system and encourages the immune system to produce a third molecule, which stops new blood vessels from growing. Both of these blood vessel inhibitor molecules were extensively tested and found to halt abnormal growth in a significant number of types of abnormal cell growth.

Mr. Riordan currently holds seven U.S. and International patents, and five pending patents on products and treatment methods. It is his vision and passion that drives Aidan Products to continually seek out and develop the latest and best products to promote healthy living.

We hope you will find our website easy to use, and to contain or link to information useful to your practice. For your additional convenience and support we also have a highly professional staff that is ready to assist you in any way they can.

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