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Aboca Herbs

Aboca Herbs Products

Aboca USA, Inc. is the American subsidiary of Aboca S.p.a. ( the leading Italian company committed to providing modern consumers with effective herbal dietary supplements processed under the highest quality standards in the industry.

Its parent company has created an entire production process that insures optimum quality by controlling all stages of processing from seed development to packaging and distribution. Its strict standards guarantee all products are made from natural materials without the use of chemical additives. Of the 160 herbs used in processing 70 percent of them are grown on Aboca's certified organic farms.

We invite you to learn how Aboca integrates the ancient traditions of herbal remedies with the science of modern technology by visiting our company information on this web site. Every day, Aboca invests its human and financial resources in research and innovation in order to bring safe and effective natural health products to the modern consumer. To achieve this, Aboca has begun a process of vertical production, which allows direct control of every step of the production process: from planting to packaging of the finished product, all the way to its distribution to medical practitioners, pharmacies and herbalists.

Today Aboca is simultaneously an agricultural, pharmaceutical and health company.

Aboca takes its name from the company's location in Valtiberina Toscana, an area known for its production of medicinal herbs since the year 1200. According to its etymology, the term 'Aboca' comes from the cleansing properties of the medicinal herb "Camepizio," which was widely used in antiquity and which in the Tuscan dialect came to be called "Abiga."

The company's facilities include two centers of production for a total of 170,000 square feet, each equipped with the latest technologies; more than 1700 acres of organic cultivation; and a specialized chemistry laboratory.

On staff are 300 employees.

All of this along with the ownership of process patents makes Aboca Italy's business leader in the natural health products sector, both in terms of know-how and sales. The success that the company has achieved is due to the value of its products, a symbol of the symbiotic union of tradition, research and innovation, conducted with dedication to a continuing ideal of promoting natural health care.

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