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Bio-Design Products

Bio-Design began business as Werum Enterprises in 1979, founded by Robert Werum, to distribute high quality dietary supplements to Natural and Alternative Healthcare Professionals. Initially we were better known as "Books for the Doctor," and this in an era when few professional books were available to the hearty few practitioners of Natural and Alternative Healthcare... and was still science fiction. Very soon we expanded our business to include professional quality dietary supplements. Many of our original formulas were manufactured for and based on the research of William Kelly, DDS, a pioneer in the use of enzymes and other dietary supplements to detoxify the body and remediate chronic disease. Indeed, Dr. Kelly was famous for curing himself of “terminal” pancreatic cancer.

In 1983 David Werum left a career in social work for the world of free enterprise. He joined the family business as the Northern California sales representative and called on doctors in their offices for 10 years. In 1990 Kathy, David's wife, joined the business to manage Werum Enterprises' office. Then, in 1993, Robert retired and David and Kathy assumed ownership and full responsibility for the management of Werum Enterprises.

In 1984 Werum Enterprises began to market its own products, R&D Formulations (that's "R" for Robert and "D" for David), to enable us to provide formulas requested by our doctors but not available from our primary supplier. We began to work with a supplement manufacturer located near us in California, and have now been working with that same manufacturer for over 20 years. Over the years our supplement manufacturer has demonstrated a world class expertise in tablet making, a relentless commitment to quality, and impeccable integrity in business. They have long maintained Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), stringent standards established by the FDA for pharmaceutical manufacturers. (GMP standards for dietary supplement manufacturers have recently been finalized by the FDA and will be implemented over the next several years.) For these reasons we never consider looking for a low bidder when we produce our formulas.

We put in place the final “piece of the puzzle” in 1987 when we added our homeopathic remedies. Our formulas are produced by a small, specialized manufacturer that makes homeopathic remedies in the traditional manner. This means that they are manufactured individually, not on a mechanized assembly line, to prevent cross-contamination of formulas and insure the highest possible quality of homeopathic remedy.

Our Change to Bio-Design

2006 was a year of transition for us at Werum Enterprises, and that transition process is virtually complete in 2007. We changed our business name to Bio-Design in order to unify our many products and multiple catalogs under one name. And our name is the only thing that has changed; our excellent formulas are unchanged and our commitment to quality is just as strong as ever.

And, as Bio-Design, we will maintain the friendly, small business character of Werum Enterprises. As always are commited to providing healthcare professionals with quick, accurate, personal service each time they call on us.

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