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Bee pollen has been recommended for treatment of just about everything.

The term pollen refers to the plant pollen that collects on bees as they gather nectar. It is gathered with a special device designed to brush the material from their hind legs as they enter the hive. Bee pollen has been called nature’s perfect food and is said to contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids found in every plant from which bees collect pollen. It is used to increase energy, boost the immune system, and fight the effects of aging. The pure whole food content of the pollen supplement can also help you find the elusive fountain of youth by helping reverse the aging process. They are a wonderful addition to your diet.

Pollen may help build the immune system. It contains protein, carbohydrates, fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and lecithin, beta-carotene and selenium; all nutrients that have been shown to have powerful antioxidant effects in the body. Thus, it has been theorized that bee pollen could help treat conditions associated with free-radical damage, such as cancer, heart disease, and decreased mental function. Bee pollen has also been touted as an anti-aging supplement, and its proponents claim that it can prevent the weight gain, decreased libido, lethargy, and decline in muscle and skin tone associated with aging.

Bee pollen has also been used to treat allergies, the idea being that small amounts of bee pollen will, like allergy shots, gradually build immunity to all the plant pollens collected from the bees. However, some health professionals warn that using bee pollen to treat allergies could cause dangerous allergic reactions in some people, because it is impossible to determine the exact amount or type of pollen present in each supplement. Adding a natural bee pollen supplement to your balanced diet will help boost your immune system by helping fight infections and diseases. Pollen supplementation will boost your energy by fortifying your thymus gland and endocrine system.

Pollen has been recommended for treatment of just about everything, including nausea, insomnia, all types of infection, suppressed immune system following chemotherapy, low libido, low blood pressure, anemia, heart disease, cancer, and constipation, to name a few. It is also sometimes used to improve athletic performance and mental function. Our pure bee pollen supplement contains minerals, amino acids, vitamins, water, sugar, bioflavonoids, and antioxidants. These are all naturally occurring elements found within the pollen inside the beehive with nothing added and nothing removed. Supplements can be taken alone or with food any time during the day to boost energy and supplement your diet. They are an all natural food that packs a healthy dose of essential nutrients.

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