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Sport & Energy

Sport vitamins play an important role in the metabolism of protein in muscle function.

Sport Vitamin Capsules are a complete multi vitamin formula for the active male. Taken on a regular daily basis, this super supplement will benefit you with increased stamina, faster recuperation time and overall excellent daily health. Mega All Sport Vitamin Capsules are available in 90 and 180 count bottles. Also available are Mega All Sport Tablets and Mega Fem Sport Tablets. Sports supplements, vitamins, herbs, health and beauty aids, vitamin shoppe, vitamin world, diet products, weight loss products, protien supplements, the vitamin shop, mens, vitamins, discount bodybuilding supplements, womens vitamins, creatine, creatine supplement, discount creatine, discount vitamin, creatine discount, body building supplements, bodybuilding, protein powders, nutritional supplements, diet products, diet supplements, weight loss supplements, hydroxycuts, andro products, andro supplements, vitamins, eas, muscle tech, cortislim, nitrix, optimum nutrition, discount vitamins, beverly nternational, adenergy, muscle milk, hydroxycut.

In a double blind test on 40 men and women high performance fencers the influence of a multivitamin-electrolyte-preparation on reaction time, hit-frequency and neuromuscular irritability was determined. Evidence of B1, B2 and B6-deficiencies up to 70% were found. After application of the preparation an increase of performance of 3% could be observed. The tests were carried out by means of coenzymatic activation of the respective vitamins in the haemolysate of erythrocytes. The results are explained by the role of the vitamins in the human organism and by the special conditions under which endurance athletes have to perform: high turn-over rate of the energy metabolism, an increase of the body core temperature and thus increased sweat loss, factors leading to deficiencies of the water soluble B-vitamins.

Vitamins and minerals play an important role in the metabolism of protein, carbohydrate and lipids and in muscle function. Vitamins serve as a cofactor with specific enzymes that regulate metabolic pathways and the synthesis of specific tissues ( Murray and Horswill, 1997). Some studies recommend increased amounts of vitamins and minerals to balance the extra energy and metabolic demands that student athletes experience. (Refer to nutrition web sites for detailed information.) The stunning new technology is known as peptide "multi-fractionation." Unlike today's whey proteins that use peptide chains in their "randomly occurring" length, MRI has isolated the specific "interval" (length) within the peptide chains that holds all the concentrated power to change your body composition!

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